A great and charismatic picture of me, belief me

About me

Hi, I'm Jim, and unfortunately, I live in an area without any caves (The Netherlands). This blog is supposed to be my remedy of some sorts: I've started it to self-treat my sadness about the caves. Luckily I have a plan: I own a very old Mercedes van, and I plan to live in it. At which point I can just go and live nearby any cave I'd like.

Besides caving I really like climbing, hiking, and outdoor sports in particular. Caving however, being the most challenging, is my favorite.

Once I'm on the road I plan to do a lot more cave trips, especially in the region of Samoën France, which is home to some of the deepest caves in the world. I'll probably also go to Spain and visit the Picos de Europa (also has a very deep cave).

I very much like to go to the US one day and explore Kentucky and Georgia territory, which, or so I've heard, harbor some of the most beautiful caves in the world.

Until then, I'll mostly just write on caving, do a caving trip a couple of years in the UK or northern France, and be on the climbing wall near my house (which is I belief one of the highest in Europe).