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How Dangerous Is Caving Really? - Facts, not opinions

Written by Jim Belt

The first question many people ask me when I say I'm a caver: "isn't that dangerous?" I've never particularly felt at risk, but I guess it depends on how responsible you are, and how well you're prepared. So is it - dangerous? In this article, I talk facts, not opinions.

Photo of large cave entrance in woodland

List of Caves in Alabama: Locations and Map

Written by Jim Belt

Alabama truly is a caving hotspot. With over 4,800 discovered caves, it's one of the highest density cave areas in the US. It's home to millions of endangered gray bats and endemic species.

Camera floating in mid-air in cave

Best Action Camera for Caving: Our top picks for 2020

Written by Jim Belt

Interested in buying an action camera to capture your caving experience? Here are a few things to think about that may help you choose the right one. GoPro is the longstanding top action camera brand. The Hero 5 was by far the best helmet-mounted cam at the time. But Sony's new line of action cams is going after GoPros title, and with success. They're actually so much better in so many ways that …

Photo of items in a climbing store

List of Caving Equipment Suppliers

Written by Jim Belt

Below you'll find a complete list of all caving equipment suppliers I know for the UK, US, and some other countries. I've tried to include as many suppliers as possible, and I've linked to their website (click on name) and have added their physical address. I've checked all the suppliers and these are still in business as of November 2018. This list is by no means complete, but it should be a …

Picture of common tactical knee pads

Best Knee Pads for Caving: I've never crawled better

Written by Jim Belt

Buying caving knee pads may seem pretty simple - just pick the best looking ones. However, I found it the most difficult item to get right. Getting it wrong means you'll be replacing your pads at a very high rate (some wear out in one trip). A caving knee pad might be one of the most stressed objects in the world, besides bullet-proof vests.

Picture of dirty cheap caving gear hanging from wall

Ultimate Buyer's Guide for New Cavers on a Budget

Written by Jim Belt

Want to go caving for the first time without spending hundreds of dollars? I did to. Let's see what the best caving gear is for cavers on a budget. This article gives you a great beginner packing list for about $60, $150 and $300. I've actually done the research and compiled three complete caving kits for anyone who wants to test it out before committing to the 'real package'. Of course you …