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Where to Go Caving in Kentucky? - Caves list and map

Written by Jim Belt

Kentucky, cave capital of the US Home of the world-famous Mammoth Cave, the longest cave on the planet (more than 400 miles or 640 km long) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides Mammoth, Kentucky has plenty of wild caves left to explore . Yes, cavers can feel quite at home here.

List of Caves in Georgia (country)

Written by Jim Belt

Georgia sure is an interesting country for cavers. At the intersection of Asia and Europa, it has both Black Sea beaches and Caucasus caves. The impressive Caucasus mountains, with peaks of about 5kms high, offer a wide variety of trails, caves, and views. Due to its volcanic origin, the region can suffer from strong earthquakes.

What Are the 5 Deepest Caves in the World?

Written by Jim Belt

While European caves ruled the depth-hit-charts for a long time, from 2001 onwards Georgia has been the unbeatable champion. Four out of five of the deepest caves in the world are located in Georgia - two of them being over 1.24 m (or 2 km) deep. Impressive. However, the charts change often. Cavers and speleologist regularly explore these cave systems further, setting new record highs (or lows). …

Photo of caver resting next to cave river

Gift Ideas for Cavers: What we wish you’d buy us

Written by Jim Belt

Have you been brooding on thinking up some good caving gifts for this Holiday season, but is it hard to make up your mind? Try some of the suggestions below. It can be frustrating thinking up gifts for people with unusual hobbies. Cavers definitely belong to a category of people of remarkable taste. But there's actually an upside to it ... they like caving . So that narrows it down quite a bit. …

Photo of rubber wellies on grass

What Are the Best Shoes for Caving?

Written by Jim Belt

Cave mud is like acid: it eats away your shoes like it's nachos. That's why some cavers say you should either go cheap or go with rubber (nothing in between). In my experience you get what you pay for, and I never go cheap on shoes. I've personally never tried on a pair of cheap shoes that were actually comfortable. So what should you get?

Where to Go Caving in Georgia?

Written by Jim Belt

I can't seem to find a complete list of all caves in Georgia, USA. So I've made the list myself, and included a map with pointers to the main cave systems that are cool to visit.