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Photo of PETZL Ecrin Roc caving helmet with Scurion headlamp

Caving Helmet Buyer’s Guide

Written by Jim Belt

There are several important factors to consider before committing to a caving helmet. It's the last line of defense for protecting your head, and you will bump into something sooner or later. A good helmet protects you from falling rocks, hitting the cave ceiling, and any blows to the head from falling. So before buying the coolest looking helmet, think about how it can help you stay safe in …

What To Wear Caving: Clothes and Equipment List

Written by Jim Belt

When I went on my first caving trip a couple of months ago, I had no clue what to wear. If you're clueless as well, this is the right post for you.

Picture of me using caving headlamp

Best Headlamp for Caving: Best value for beginners

Written by Jim Belt

Light is your number one resource underground, so there are some important factors to consider when buying your next caving headlamp. Before you rush out to get the lightest and brightest, here are a few things that may help you to choose the right one. In my opinion, the best caving headlamp is the Zebralight H600Fw MKIV (click to check the current price on Amazon ). It's the cheapest, but in …

Is Cave Water Safe to Drink? - And How to Filter it

Written by Jim Belt

If you go underground for a long period of time, you need to carry some water. It might be better to drink cave water instead, allowing you to travel more lightweight - especially with long trips. But is it safe to drink?

Is It Hard To Get Into Caving? - And how to do it

Written by Jim Belt

Starting out as a brand new caver can be quite challenging. Finding good caves and good trips is perhaps the most challenging part of caving as a whole. This is hard on people (it was on me); after the first trip, there's no way back. You long for more trips - as quickly as possible.

Satellite image of heavy karst erosion

Cave exploration: How to Actually Find a Cave?

Written by Jim Belt

In my region (Netherlands) there are few caves to explore. Sometimes you need to find them yourself, or you suspect there's one on your land. But how do you spot caves? In this article we'll dive into some tips on discovering potential cave-rich areas, how to do ground research, how to find them, and what to do with them afterwards.