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Photo of cave exit with stairs at the Golden Dome Cave in California

How to Escape a Cave?

Written by Jim Belt

I've never gotten lost, fortunately, but many have, and they have a lot of tricks to get out and stay safe. Want to find out how to do it? You're in the right place. The short version:

Runners on a mountain trail

How To Train For Caving: 5 Good Exercises That Work

Written by Jim Belt

Do you remember your first real caving trip? I do. The memory is mostly painful. Two days later I felt all kinds of muscles I didn't even realize I had. There are some unexplored muscles in your inner thigh, on top of your shoulder as well, and I remember some previously unknown calf-muscles. If you're a novice, like me, after a few days the strain on your muscles will get the better of you. So …

Man standing in cave entrance looking at the view

How To Overcome Claustrophobia While Caving

Written by Jim Belt

I didn't know I was claustrophobic -and maybe I wasn't - until I got stuck in a cave. I want to go caving anyways, so I researched it and found some good tips on how to overcome it.

How to Read a Cave: What the Rocks Tell Us

Written by Jim Belt

I have experienced uncountable breathtaking views, not one of which wasn't at least twice a nice when getting the history with it. The best thing about caving is enjoying nature's beauty in a completely different way, which includes looking at it differently. Fortunately, rocks are formed by simple natures of law. If you get how it works, not only will you be able to enjoy caves more but you will …

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Get Into Caving

Written by Jim Belt

I'm just getting into caving myself, and I remember typing into Google 'How to get started caving?' that first time. What to expect? It's a fascinating sport and a bit mysterious, and it sure isn't for everyone. It can be potentially dangerous if you're not properly prepared. So, to make sure you are, I'll give you a brief overview in this article. Is caving dangerous; what are the basic rules; …

How To Get A Caving Permit

Written by Jim Belt

Whether you just started out caving, or you are planning to face unexplored depths, getting the proper permit is essential. Every national park has it’s own regulations and procedure, but the basics are the same. In this article, we’ll get into why permits are important, how much they cost and, obviously, how to get them. The latter might appear to be somewhat of a hassle at first sight, which is why …