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Waitomo Cave

23 Most Famous Caves (and some you don’t know) in the World

Written by Jim Belt

Want to get to know some of the most famous caves in the world? In this article, I'll walk you through 23 of the most famous caves. And also some that are not as widely known. Every cave has its mystery because they are all formed differently. Each cave stands to fascinate you in its way. Some of the incredible caves in the world might seem bizarre at first glance, while others are just stunning. …

Wooden bridge in forest in Ohio

Caves in Ohio: List of Known & Hidden Caves (with Map)

Written by Jim Belt

Ohio has a lot to offer for cavers, but where can you find all these caves? In this article, I give a list with known and unknown caves, and also a map.

Real Cavers Go Caving In Meghalaya (India) - A Guide

Written by Jim Belt

If you want to know where to go caving in India, look no further. You're in the right place. In this article I'll discuss India's secret caving paradise Meghalaya. Both for tourists, beginners, and experienced cavers, there's plenty for everyone.

15 Cool Facts About Caves (That aren't obvious)

Written by Jim Belt

Caves are pretty mysterious: not just to you and me, but even to scientists. If you're new to caving, I really like to share the following facts with you.

Is Cave Water Safe to Drink? - And How to Filter it

Written by Jim Belt

If you go underground for a long period of time, you need to carry some water. It might be better to drink cave water instead, allowing you to travel more lightweight - especially with long trips. But is it safe to drink?

Runners on a mountain trail

How To Train For Caving: 5 Good Exercises That Work

Written by Jim Belt

Do you remember your first real caving trip? I do. The memory is mostly painful. Two days later I felt all kinds of muscles I didn't even realize I had. There are some unexplored muscles in your inner thigh, on top of your shoulder as well, and I remember some previously unknown calf-muscles. If you're a novice, like me, after a few days the strain on your muscles will get the better of you. So …